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Snap!Scale converts old-school scale to a smart one. When on scale, take a photo of your weight measurement using the app. Software reads out the numbers and logs it. Track your stats!
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How to use?

1. Step on a scale 2. Open Snapscale app 3. Press Weigh-in (launches camera) 4. Take a photo of your weight measurement 5. Press View logs too see weigh-ins 6. Do this once a day 15 days after. Download your Timelapse! (optional) Participate in a
30 Day Weigh-In Challenge
by sharing a timelapse and challenging a friend!
💪 #30dayweighinchallenge

SnapScale Timelapse

Timelapse can be created after 15 days of weigh-ins After 15 days, press Get Timelapse! in the app Examples from our team:


We understand the sensitivity of these images. No account creation needed. We don't ask for your name or your social profile. You can delete the images created with Snapscale. Learn more