If you have any questions, comments or concerns about Snap!Scale, feel free to reach out at doroteja [at] gudlek [dot] com!


Why should I use this app?

The app converts old-school scale to a smart one. Snap your weigh-ins regularly and be mindfull about your weight trends.

Which bathroom scales this app supports?

All of them(*). This app connects to your scale visually - it asks you to take a photo of the weight number while standing on it. The software reads the number from the image and logs it.

(*) - well, there are bathroom scales that have no display .. but, if you own such scale, you probably have their app installed, and then you don't need this app!

Do I need to buy anything else to use the app?

No. This App is not related to any physical smart scale device - you don’t need to buy a smart scale to use it. Still, you need to own any bathroom scale - old school scales work as well.

Can I see my data on nice graphs and charts?

Yes! Settings > Export to fitbit. Once you export your data to Fitbit, you can observe nice graphs and charts on under your account.

Does it make sense to use this app if I already have a smart scale?

Probably not. If you own a scale with Bluetooth or WiFi capability, you should download the official app for that specific scale to track weight logs. This app is only useful if the scale doesn’t support syncing to smartphones, such as most of the old-school scales.

On the other hand, if you own a smart scale that syncs to your phone, but you don't like their app for any reason, you can still use this app instead! ... if the scale has a display :)

Why we ask permission for reading and writing to the camera roll?

This app doesn't read your existing images on the phone. It only uses the image that is taken from within the app. We encountered a technical difficulty which require us to ask for both "camera" and "camera roll" permissions. More details:

Why are measurements photos uploaded to server?

Machine Learning model that reads the weight measurement from images runs server-side. See privacy statement for more details on how your data is handled.

Why are measurements sometimes in “processing...” state for a long time?

If the algorithm results are inconclusive, it might delegate the task to a human on the Snap!Scale team. See privacy statement for more details on this.

Can I delete my data?

Yes. "View logs" > "Edit" > "Delete" in the app.

Can I download my data?

Yes.Settings > Get CSV logs link.

Can I see the uploaded images?

No. They are gone.

Can multiple users use the same app install?

Not supported yet. Currently the app would show all measurements as it was from a single user.

Why can't I just enter the number myself?

There are hundreds of applications that will let you enter your weight number and track it. This one tries to be smart about it.

What are reminders?

If you want to weigh-in periodically, say every week, you can schedule a push notification to remind you. Push notification wont bother you if you logged your weight in past 7 days. We try to be mindful about your time.

Can I retain my data if I change phones?

Yes, but you need to shoot us an e-mail to dora [at] snapscale [dot] life. In that e-mail include link to your CSV file from "Settings" screen.