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Terms of use

By using the app, you agree:

Violating any conditions from above will discontinue our service to you - the App will stop working.

Privacy statement

We understand that taking images of your feet on the scale is a sensitive topic. This is why we designed SnapScale privacy-first.

This app does not:

The photo is sent to server for state-of-the-art artificial intelligence analysis with the goal of reading out the number on the scale.

If photo is detected to contain anything other than human feet standing on a bathroom scale, it’s rejected and deleted forever. Upload of such photos is violation of SnapScale’s Terms of Use and may result in application deactivation.

During analysis, the automated process might decide to consult a human from SnapScale’s team for advice. For example, if numbers are unreadable due to poor lighting the algorithm will produce low-confidence results which will be checked manually. This results in prolonged “processing...” time of the log entry.

The anonymized photos are stored indefinitely on the servers to enable SnapScale’s team to improve computer vision algorithm. The photos on server are never linked with your identity. In fact, we don't ask who you are at all.

If you choose to export your data to Fitbit account, your fitbit identity is never shared with SnapScale servers. Communication with Fitbit is implemented on the client App, and the only thing transmitted to Fitbit is weight timestamps and values.